Jamin' Leather... YOU STILL SUCK!

(An Editorial Page About Jamin' Leather of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
Updated 7/16/2015

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Don't Just Take OUR Word for it!
Jamin' Leather has a few complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau website also. Read More>

Dissatisfied Jamin' Leather Customers - NEW STUFF AS OF 7/16/2015

Something to Think About Before Purchasing ANYTHING from Jamin' Leather.

What Happened?

I bought my wife a pair of leather pants from Jamin’ Leather for xmas.  Prior to ordering I measured my wife according to to their instructions and she measured to a size 12.  To make sure we got the correct fit, I ordered 2 pairs, a size 12 and a size 14 figuring we’d return whichever pair didn’t fit.  Interestingly enough, both pairs delivered were very small.  I contacted Jamin’ Leather to arrange a refund or exchange and told them that both pairs were way too small and they suggested we try a slightly more expensive pair of lambskin leather pants.  The person I spoke to suggested she try them in a size 16.  I went along with it but the pair delivered this time was way too big.  Once again I contacted Jamin’ and they suggested we exchange for a size 14 this time, which we did.  This pair showed up and fit my wife pretty good in the thighs & seat, but the waist was still far too big.  This time when I contacted Jamin’ Leather to see if they had any solution for this I got this response:

I think that what is happening here is a problem that I have had my entire life. If I get pants to fit in the hips and legs, they are inevitably too big in the waste. Surprisingly it's that way with most women and yet manufacturer's still don't allow enough room in the hips. I share her concern. If what she has is fitting everywhere but the waist, the smaller size may not be the solution. Of course, it is completely up to you as how you would like to proceed. I will be happy to accommodate either way.”

Customer Service Agent - Roxie
Customer Service
Jamin' Leather

At this point we were done.  I felt that Jamin’ had tried their best to make us happy but Roxie’s response did instill much confidence that they were going to be able to provide anything that would actually fit, so I requested a refund.  Then I get this response:

Unfortunately you are outside of your refund period at this point.  However you are still eligible for an exchange.  We would be able to exchange the pants for any other item or we can issue you a gift certificate to be used at some point in the future.  We need to receive the pants back by March 11th in order to avoid any service charges for an exchange beyond 60 days.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for shopping with Jamin' Leather Catalog.”

Sincerely, Noelle
Customer Service Agent
Customer Service
Jamin' Leather

WTF!?  That’s right…  They lead me along until they were outside of their 60 day refund policy, never providing satisfactory merchandise.  I find this tactic somewhat underhanded and deceptive.  I’ve sent a couple of angry emails and have yet to hear back. This website has already proven to be very therapeutic knowing that I have a chance of preventing another innocent consumer from wasting their money on a company as dishonest as Jamin' Leather. 

Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did...

If you DO buy anything from these losers and want to send it back... DO NOT EXCHANGE IT! Request a refund and get as far away from them as possible. They'll be real nice about exchanging something in an effort to string out the process until they get you outside of their "60 Day return policy". By that time it's too late to realize they sell shit and you'll leave with nothing.

They Offered a Gift Certificate. Isn't That Good Enough?

A gift certificate from a company that proven they can't deliver the goods is worthless. Jamin' Leathers wants customers money, NOT customer satisfaction. I can afford to cut my losses and move on. I can also afford to leave my opinion on the Internet and hopefully prevent someone else from making the same mistake.

Isn't Jamin' Leather Going to be Pissed About this Page?

Who cares!? The experience I had with them proved to me that they're nothing more than a company of bottom-feeding low-life swindlers. They sell cheap crap and they'll stop at nothing to keep your money. You get what you pay for with Jamin Leather.

Got Your Own Story About Jamin' Leather?

Would you like to add it here? Send your own customer service story about Jamin' Leather to wesuck@jaminleather.org and we'll publish it here.

So What's Your Story?

7/16/2015: I've received a few more stories recently about Jamin' Leathers patronizing customer service and anti-customer policies, and a couple of those were even from Europe! (yes, they suck there to). I would have used those stories but their translations didn't work so well so I had to scrap'em. Sorry.

But recently I was sent a link to a blog page that had the stench of Jamin' Leathers all over it. Similar to my own trouble with JL it's kind of sad to see that this company stays in business. Anyway, here's the link. Give it a read and then find someplace else to buy your leather goods (links to reputable stores above. I figure they must be good because they were provided by an ex-Jamin' Leather employee).


From: Stephen
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 6:06 PM
To: wesuck@jaminleather.org
Subject: my case

First pair of leather overpants were excellent quality, size 40 but turned out to be about 4-6 inches too big at the waist. I wear 36 or 38 jeans and the overpants went over the jeans for riding. Size 40 should have been perfect.  Exchange took 2.5 months as they were "out of stock".  Replacement pair, size 38, were too small and the leather quality was less.  I can wear the replacement pair if I don't wear jeans underneath, but that's not what they were intended for.   Still no response from customer service.  Last time I will order from Jamin at this rate.

Follow up:
From: Stephen
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 12:25 PM
To: wesuck@jaminleather.org
Subject: Followup to my previous complaint

Jamin leather did work with me on replacing the second pair of leather overpants that were too tight.  They evidently arranged the third pair from a different supplier, as "Jamin" is not on the shipping label or inside the box, but they did arrange to get me a replacement pair that fit.  The leather is a good quality and the fit is right.  They will serve nicely.  My disappointment is that it took two exchanges plus three and a half months to get this taken care of, but it is taken care of to my final satisfaction.

Jamin' Leather Sucks Sez:
Thanks for the update and I'm glad that you were able to get things squared. I hope my little website here had something to do with it :-)